What are Jacquard fabrics

The term jacquard fabric generally refers to textiles that have been produced on a jacquard loom. The type of fabric can be quite different. The textile manufacturer Sirko Galz has specialised in damask, a type of fabric in which fascinating patterns can be created in a single-coloured fabric simply by alternating the emphasis of warp and weft.

Our fabrics are usually designed as 5 or 8-binding atlas. By combining them with other ground weaves, fine shades can be created in the pattern. These fabrics have a complexity that is not common in conventional hand weaving and cannot be realized. 


The patterns in the fabric

The patterns in our fabrics are all based on our own designs. We particularly like to take up forms of Art Nouveau and Art Déco, which we transport slightly modified into the modern age. Together with our customers we also develop completely new patterns. We adapt the colour design to modern taste.


Looms and equipment from half of Europe

Our looms and the additional machines and equipment necessary for their manufacture do not come from a single collection, but were found and collected through painstaking research. Often coincidence played the biggest role. 

Thus, our equipment includes a Jacquard loom from the Allgäu, a card beating machine from Hungary, a dobby loom from Franconia, another dobby loom from Hesse and another Jacquard loom, the individual parts of which were procured from Austria, France, Italy and Germany. Individual devices could only be obtained from the USA over the long distance. We designed and built special devices for some of the work steps.


The Jacquard loom

The heart of our manufacture is a jacquard loom that is over 100 years old and is operated exclusively by hand. Until the beginning of the 19th century, the production of large patterned fabrics was extremely laborious and in some cases it was only possible to produce a few centimeters per day. With the invention of the punch card controlled Jacquard loom, the working process could be accelerated considerably. But even today, working on a hand-jacquard loom is still laborious and physically extremely strenuous.

We are one of the few companies in Europe that has a complete equipment for Jacquard weaving. In addition to two Jacquard looms, this also includes a laughing card beating machine, a complicated mechanism with which the technical design of a pattern can be converted into a new punch card.